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How to Pick the Right LED Grow Lights for Your Greenhouse?

06, July 2021

You should expect your plants to thrive and flourish in your greenhouse, but it needs your special care to ensure the temperature and brightness to speed up the process of photosynthesis. Thus, it is very important to pick the suitable grow lights, these kind of artificial lighting system can be prefect instead of natural lighting from sun.


Especially your greenhouse under inadequate sunlight for long period, grow light is a necessity which is the best solution.


There are different types of grow lights used in greenhouse, like T-5 bulbs, HID, HPS bulb (high-pressure sodium light) and Metal Halide light which provide red or blue light for the plants but they could be too hot and should be installed at a good distance. They are old design, not that high efficiently.


While the traditional lights like HPS and MH light are replaced with LED grow light gradually.  

LED grow light is the new trend with high performance, which has the following advantages,

  1. High energy efficiency over 2.4umol/J

  2. There are various of light spectrum to meet different plant growth at different stage from flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more.

  3. More electric energy saved and environmental, 600W equal to 1000 or 1500W HPS

  4. Long lifetime over 50,000 hours


Thus, the LED grow light are the best choice for the greenhouse. At the same time, we have to consider the following points when you select a prefect product,

  1. If it is lightweight, and easy to install that does not need fans, switches or buttons.

  2. Smart control like diming, timing and group control in APP by cellphone

  3. If the manufacturer provides with 5 years warranty or longer

  4. If it is low-maintenance with the self-contained system for your greenhouse

  5. The waterproof performance IP65 and heat dissipation


If you are looking for a ideal light fixture for your greenhouse, welcome to visit you product page. Choose HIGH GROW LED, you will find more superise.