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How Many Plants You Grow In A Tent?

29, May 2021

I saw many personal growers have been asking that how many plants we can grow in a 5x5 tent? Or other size tent like 4x4, 3x3 etc.

Honestly, there is no definite reply. Firstly, you need to know the plants size you will grow, it means you should decide how large you want to allow your plants to get, then you will be able to figure out how many you can fit into your grow tent exactly, or how big a grow tent you require.

Anyway, we’d like to offer you some idea on the plants number based on our experience.

2 x 2 Tent

Usually, growers will grow a single plant in a 2 x 2 tent. You can put it in a 3 gallon or a 5 gallon pot and use techniques like low stress training and lollipopping or other types of pruning to ensure your plant fills out the space with the maximum number of colas.

2 x 4 Tent

Since this tent is exactly twice as large as the previous one, you’re probably thinking you can fit twice as many plants inside, assuming they are the same size. And you’re right.

If you keep your plants small, you can fit 8 or more of them in a 2 x 4 foot grow tent. If you let them grow to a “normal” size, you can get two in a 2 by 4 area.

3 x 3 Tent

The 3 by 3 size is when things get interesting. You suddenly have a lot of options. You can fit 4 plants in this size tent, but you’d have to keep them on the smaller side.

4 x 4 Tent

This is the most common tent size for a home grow, perhaps because it is perfect for a 1000 watt HID light or an equivalent LED grow light like the SHINE series from HIGH GROW LED. It’s also compact enough to fit comfortably in most homes.

As with the 3×3, you have room for a ton of flexibility. You could grow one large (meaning wide, but not super tall) plant, 4 “regular-sized” ones.

5 x 5 Tent

If you like to let your plants get larger, you could grow 4 fairly large marijuana plants in one of these tents. Some even grow a single huge plant in a 5×5.

The main takeaway here is this: the question of how many plants you can fit into a specific size grow tent is impossible to answer. You would first need to know how big the plants will be. And that is something over which you, as the grower, have total control.

This means your first decision will need to be how large you want to allow your plants to get. Once you know that, you will be able to figure out exactly how many of them you can fit into your grow tent, or how big a grow tent you will need to be able to grow a specific number of plants.