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How Does Light Duration Working on Your Plant

14, December 2020

Plants need plenty of light to photosynthesis for replenish the nutrients they need, but we also know that there are days and nights in nature, so how much light plants needs is reasonable?


For indoor plant growth under grow light, a minimum 12 to 14 hours of light per day is usually needed during the blooming period. Darkness is important to allow the plant to rest and trigger the flowering response. Some flowering plants, known as short-day plants, need long periods of darkness to bloom. Short-day plants such as poinsettias, chrysanthemums and June-bearing strawberries bloom in the spring when days are shorter and nights are longer. Long-day plants, such as onions and spinach, flower at the end of summer when days are long and nights are short. Day-neutral plants bloom without regard to the length of darkness but usually do best with longer light durations.



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