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What are the effects of spectrum range on plant growth?

16, November 2022

Author: Sue Jiang

Light environment is one of the indispensable physical environmental factors for plant growth and development. LED grow lights provide photosynthesis for plants, promote plant growth, reduce plant flowering and fruiting time, and increase yield. In modern architecture, crops are essential. The light wavelengths of LED grow lights are as follows:


Effect of spectral range on plant growth

280 ~ 315nm: minimal impact on morphological and physiological processes

315 ~ 400nm: less chlorophyll absorption affects the photoperiod effect and prevents stem elongation

400 ~ 520nm (blue) : chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption ratio is the largest, which has the greatest impact on photosynthesis

520 ~ 610nm (green) : the absorption rate of pigment is not high

610 ~ 720nm (red) : low chlorophyll absorption rate, which has a significant impact on photosynthesis and photoperiod effect

720 ~ 1000nm: low absorption rate, stimulating cell elongation, affecting flowering and seed germination

> 1000nm: converted to heat