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Cannabis: Indoor Growing or Outdoor growing?

13, September 2022

Author: Lillian Liu
As more and more growers start to grow cannabis, many grower are considering: which one is better? Indoor growing or outdoor growing? Actually, cannabis growing in indoor is different from growing in outdoor. So we need to know the differences and choose which one is we like.


Look: Generally, marijuana grown outdoors is darker and more weathered. This is because outdoor planting has to withstand many factors such as rain, pests, fluctuations of the sun and moon. The color of cannabis grown indoors is brighter green, even red, purple, etc.


Smell: Outdoor-grown marijuana often lacks a real pungent odor, and their scent usually reflects the environment in which they are grown, smelling like woods, grass, pepper, and pine. Indoor-grown ones usually have a strong scent that smells like lavender, citrus, vanilla or even coffee.


FlavorCannabis grown outdoors is considered to have a richer flavor profile, full of subtleties and intricate flavors. That’s because the environment in which it was grown imparts some of its natural flavor onto the plant. This phenomenon is called “terroir,” and it applies to any fruits or vegetables grown outside.


Aesthetic significanceAfter comparing flowers in a dispensary, a lot of cannasseurs inadvertently choose indoor grows, even though they are typically more expensive. That’s because they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing, and can have an appealing scent profile. But, that doesn’t mean that indoor grows are better, or stronger than outdoor grows. As consumers, we’re drawn to products that thoroughly engage our senses, and cannabis grown indoors typically engages us more deeply than cannabis grown outside.


Is indoor growing cannabis stronger? Not necessarily. Cannabis potency is determined by the concentration of THC in the plant and that is a product of multiple factors. However, growing cannabis indoors does give the grower more control to introduce things that increase the concentration of THC. Indoor grows don’t have to fight the elements like outdoor plants do, so the flowers are often in pristine condition. A controlled environment also gives the grower a chance to introduce more C02 into the soil, which does increase the THC concentration. So, while one isn’t stronger than the other, indoor grows are grown in ideal conditions which give them a better chance to produce a stronger crop.


Whether it's cannabis grown indoors or grown outdoors, we can all draw different experiences from it. Therefore, when choosing a planting method, please choose the appropriate method according to the planting effect you want.