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How Many Plants You Need to Plant?

11, August 2022

Author: Lillian Liu       
Many growers need to decide how many plants they want to grow when they are about to start planting. Too much or too little will not get the desired yield. So finding the right amount to plant is critical. Generally speaking, you should not have more than eight plants under a single plant light, if there are too many, the plants will not have suitable space to grow. However, how much to plant will depend on your planting situation. There are several factors that make a difference when it comes to how many cannabis plants you should grow including the size of your space and what grow lights you’re using.

1. Size of your grow room. The total size of your grow space will affect the number of containers that can fit in your grow space.

2. Size of containers. The max number of plants is determined by how many plant containers you can physically fit in your grow space. Once you've measured how many containers your space can hold, you'll know roughly how many plants you'll need to grow. The space around each plant container needs to be large enough to support the desired plant size! Remember that each plant can be larger than the width of its container and needs plenty of room to spread out! Think about how big you want each plant to grow and leave enough space around each container to support the plants you want.

Here is a general rule for your reference:


12″ ~ 2-3 gallon container

24″ ~ 3-5 gallon container

36″ ~ 5-7 gallon container

48″ ~ 6-10 gallon container

60″ ~ 8-10+ gallon container


3. Grow Light. When you choose grow light, you need to make sure your light footprint is enough. For led grow light, it is usually 4*4ft or 5*5ft. That means any plants growing inside that area under the lamp will be fine, but plants outside that footprint won’t be getting enough light.


4. Start with More Plant. If it’s your first grow (and honestly in general) it’s a good idea to start with more plants than you need. This lets you choose the best plants of the bunch and not be stuck with any weaklings that just aren’t growing as well as the others. Plus you never know when a seed won’t germinate or come with some other problem like a bad mutation.


Choosing how many plants to plant is important, and many factors need to be considered. Hope this article of ours can help you.